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Are you bothered by misaligned teeth? Correcting misaligned teeth is not just for children and teenagers. It can also be done virtually invisibly on adults. This is the reason for the huge success of clear aligners in recent years. Clear aligners are transparent dental splints that can be used instead of braces.

In many cases, the malocclusion can be corrected not only with braces from the orthodontist, but more cost-effectively with clear, almost invisible aligners. This treatment is also available for adults. Our experienced Team will be happy to help.

What are aligners?

Aligners are clear splints used to straighten teeth. They are almost invisible. They can be removed at any time. They should be worn for about 22 hours a day. Every week, or usually every two weeks, the aligner is changed to keep the teeth in the desired position. Aligners are made by experts using the latest technology. Careful checks and precise data processing ensure that the aligners fit very well.

With the help of these aligners, teeth can be corrected within 6 to 18 months. The aligners move the teeth bit by bit. This can improve the bite or the appearance of the teeth.

We use ClearCorrect aligners from the Swiss quality company Straumann. Straumann has a reputation for innovation and research.

Patientin mit transparenter Zahnschiene

Who are aligners suitable for?

Everyone's teeth are different. Not everyone has naturally straight teeth. Gaps, crowding or crooked teeth are common. If you want to improve the alignment of your teeth, aligners may be just what you need. Aligners are comfortable, removable and almost invisible. The main advantage is that they work without significantly restricting your daily life. You can eat what you like and brush your teeth as normal. The teeth are straightened without anyone noticing the treatment.

What is the difference between braces and aligners?

Aligners are clear, custom-made trays that are almost invisible when you are speaking. Unlike fixed braces, aligners can be removed at any time. There are no wires or brackets to cut or irritate the mouth like fixed braces. There are no emergency appointments for broken wires.

Wearing aligners is more comfortable than wearing any other orthodontic device. This is why they are particularly suitable for adults. You can decide if you want to wear them for an important appointment.

The aligners can be taken out for a short time when you eat or play sports. They can then be easily replaced. You can continue your oral hygiene as usual, including flossing. In order to achieve the desired result, the aligners should be worn 22 hours a day. During treatment, the aligners are changed every one to two weeks. The interval will depend on your individual treatment plan. It may vary during treatment. 

ClearCorrect aligners before and after

How does the Cham aligner treatment work?

Do not hesitate to change your smile. We plan the case using a digital scan. There is no need for an uncomfortable impression like in the past. We take photographs of your bite. X-rays are also taken to ensure a complete diagnosis. After a detailed planning process and before treatment begins, the correction is simulated on a 3D model, visualised and discussed with you. Are you happy with the simulated situation and decide to have the aligners fitted? Then the transparent aligners are made using the latest technology. Soon you will be able to show off your best smile.

The aligners exert a slight pressure on the teeth that need to be moved. This pressure is greatest at the beginning of each new tray. It decreases as your teeth move into the desired position. You can close gaps between your teeth and move crooked teeth into the desired straight position. Contact us for a consultation.

Why should you wear an aligner 22 hours a day?

ClearCorrect aligner (splint) When constant force is applied to a tooth, it causes bone loss at the point where the bone is being pressed. Bone regeneration occurs on the opposite side to fill the space created by the tooth movement. This process begins after 48-72 hours. 4 hours after the pressure is removed (the splint is not worn), this activity stops. Therefore, it is important to wear the clear tray 22 hours a day. The first few days of a new aligner are crucial. This is when the aligner is strongest. Bone regeneration takes longer than bone resorption.

What happens after aligner treatment?

After treatment, we recommend a discreet retention splint. This can be worn comfortably at night. Alternatively, a wire (retainer) can be bonded behind your front teeth. This ensures that you retain the new appearance of your teeth. The wire is made to measure and is not visible from the outside. Make an appointment with us for a no-obligation consultation. We would be happy to carry out an aligner treatment for you in Cham. Please contact us


Healthy teeth not only contribute to aesthetics, but also play an important role in oral health. Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of malocclusions. The aim is to achieve optimal function and aesthetics of the dentition. Treatment methods range from removable appliances (e.g. monoblock, bionator, advancing double plate) to fixed appliances such as brackets (Gartenhaag). Early treatment can help to prevent complications and achieve a better final result. Correcting malocclusions can have more than just aesthetic benefits. Long-term positive effects on general health and well-being are also possible.

Why is a healthy tooth position important?

Crooked teeth can cause a number of problems, including tooth decay, gum disease and tooth wear. Misaligned jaws can also cause jaw joint pain, headaches and speech problems. Correctly aligning your teeth and jaw can prevent these problems and improve your oral health in the long term.

What treatments are available?

Orthodontic treatment methods include traditional braces, transparent aligners, orthodontic devices such as palatal arches and, in some cases, orthodontic surgery. The choice of method depends on the type and severity of the malocclusion.

Removable brace

A removable brace is an orthodontic device made of plastic and metal to correct misaligned teeth and jaws. Unlike fixed braces, they can be removed by the patient, making cleaning easier and improving oral hygiene. The braces are made to measure and must be worn regularly to ensure the success of the treatment. The length of treatment may vary depending on the type and severity of the malocclusion.


The bionator is a removable appliance used to correct misaligned teeth and jaws. It has a special shape that promotes natural jaw movement and stimulates jaw growth. As a result, the bionator can not only correct misaligned teeth, but also influence the growth of the jaw. The goal is to achieve optimal function of the dentition.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are clear plastic braces used to correct misaligned teeth. They are made to measure and are very discreet as they are barely visible. The aligners are usually changed every two weeks and gradually move the teeth into the desired position. The length of treatment depends on the type and severity of the misalignment and can last from a few months to a few years.

Multiband appliance

A multiband appliance, also known as a bracket, is a fixed appliance used to correct misaligned teeth and jaws. It consists of small metal or ceramic plates that are bonded to the teeth and a wire that runs through the brackets and moves the teeth into the desired position. Treatment with a multiband appliance requires regular check-ups and adjustments by the dentist or orthodontist. The length of treatment depends on the type and severity of the malocclusion and can last from several months to years. Multiband braces are more noticeable than other types of braces, but they can also be made in a less noticeable version with slightly transparent or white brackets.

How to find the right method?

Orthodontic treatment begins with a comprehensive examination and diagnosis. The orthodontist will draw up an individual treatment plan tailored to the patient's specific needs. During treatment, regular check-ups are necessary to monitor progress and adjust treatment if necessary. The length of treatment depends on the severity of the problem. Whether you are interested in traditional metal braces, invisible aligners or other treatment methods, our team will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option. We will help you make the best decision for your individual needs.

What are the advantages of orthodontic treatment?

Successful orthodontic treatment has many benefits. In addition to an aesthetically pleasing smile, correct tooth alignment improves oral health. It can also prevent long-term problems such as tooth decay, gum disease and temporomandibular joint pain. In addition, improved bite position can improve chewing and speech function, and increase self-confidence and general well-being.

Who is orthodontic treatment suitable for?

Orthodontics is not just for children and teenagers. It can be done at any age. Modern advances in orthodontics have led to a variety of treatment options tailored to the needs of all ages. It is never too late to enjoy the benefits of straight teeth and a healthy bite.

If you have any concerns about the alignment of your teeth or jaw, make an appointment. Orthodontics offers solutions for a variety of malocclusions and individual needs. A brighter smile and improved oral health are just a step away!