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Dentures in Cham

The importance of replacing missing teeth

If several teeth are missing in one jaw, it makes sense to replace them. You can only eat a balanced and healthy diet if you can chew your food properly. To do this, you need teeth.

Removable dentures - a proven solution

A removable denture is a suitable method of replacing missing teeth. The denture is anchored either by clasps or by snaps (on teeth or implants). The denture has to be removed for cleaning.

Different types of anchorage

There are several types of removable dentures, including those that attach to remaining teeth or implants with clasps or snaps. Clasps are a tried and tested method. However, the teeth attached to them are more susceptible to decay and require extra care. Regular professional dental cleaning is strongly recommended to maintain the long-term health of the remaining teeth.

Advantages of the snap fastener

Snaps can be a more aesthetic solution because they are discreetly integrated into the denture and are barely visible from the outside. This type of anchorage also allows for easier cleaning of the denture as it can be easily removed for daily oral hygiene.

Regular inspection and adjustment

It is important that your dentist regularly checks the fit and function of your removable denture. Over time, the jawbone can change, which can affect the stability of the denture. To ensure optimal function and comfort, it is advisable to have the denture adjusted at regular intervals.

Individual choice of treatment

Individual choice of treatment Overall, removable dentures are an effective way to replace multiple missing teeth and restore the natural function of the dentition. An alternative may be a fixed denture, such as a dental bridge or dental implants.

Carefree smile

It is advisable to seek detailed advice from an experienced dentist to find the best solution for each individual case. A complete set of teeth not only contributes to general health and nutrition, but also boosts self-confidence and allows for a carefree smile. Please contact us.