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Dental crowns, bridges, veneers in Cham

Dental crowns and veneers

Dental crowns and veneers are effective solutions for restoring damaged teeth, whether from decay, fractures or root canal treatment. These cusp-spanning restorations provide long-term stability and help the tooth regain its natural function.

At Zahnpraxis Papieri we use the innovative Cerecmethod, which offers many advantages to you as a patient.

The rest of the process is very efficient. The digital design is sent to our milling unit. In a short space of time, a stable ceramic block is produced with the exact fit. This is inserted in the same session, so there is no need for a second appointment. There are also cost advantages to in-house production, as there are no external laboratory costs.

Another advantage of this method is that there is no need for temporary restorations. Conventional methods usually require two appointments - one to take the impression and another to place the restoration once it has been finished in the laboratory. The Cerec method, on the other hand, allows comfortable treatment in one session.

Cerec Primemill


When a tooth is missing and a dental implant is not an option for health or other reasons, an all-ceramic bridge can be a good solution to close the gap. The bridge is stabilised by crowning two adjacent abutment teeth, allowing the gap to be closed quickly and permanently. The advantage of a dental bridge is that it does not require surgery.

The all-ceramic bridge not only provides an aesthetic and natural look, but also offers good functionality and strength. Bridging the gap preserves the adjacent tissues, which can have a positive effect on long-term dental health.

All in all, a dental bridge is a proven solution for replacing missing teeth without extensive surgery. We can advise you about the different treatment options and recommend the one that is best for you. Book an appointment with us.