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Dental crowns, bridges, veneers in Cham

Dental crowns and veneers

If a tooth has been severely damaged by decay or fracture, or if it has undergone root canal treatment, it is advisable to restore the tooth with a cusp-spanning restoration. This ensures long-term stability. At Papieri Dentistry we use the Cerecmethod, among others. The advantage for you as a patient is that there is no need for an uncomfortable silicone impression. We take a digital impression and are able to design the work on the computer in a matter of minutes. The reconstruction is sent to a milling machine. In a very short time, a stable ceramic block is produced. This ceramic piece is placed in the same session and your tooth is restored. As we do not need to send the work to an external laboratory, this method is cheaper than having it made in a laboratory. But it also has other advantages. Advantages. Your veneer or crown is made in one visit. There is no need for a temporary restoration. Without this method, two appointments are required and the tooth is treated with a temporary in the meantime.

Cerec Primemill


If a tooth is missing and a dental implant is not an option for you for health or other reasons, a gap can be closed with an all-ceramic bridge. This involves covering two abutment teeth. The advantage of a bridge is that it does not require surgery, so the final gap can be closed more quickly.